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Daniel Milnor splits his time between the chaos of Southern California and the spiritual landscape of New Mexico. He is happiest with his notebook, Leica and trusty leather boots, sizing up whatever situation is happening in front of him.

Milnor is former newspaper, magazine and commercial photographer who now tries to work solely on his own projects, projects that allow him to work in the fashion he feels most likely to produce images that go beyond the temporary.

Milnor is also a member of the advisory board at Blurb, a print on demand book publishing company comprised of some of the most creative and talented folks he has ever encountered.

He has taught at Art Center College of Design, The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, The Julia Dean Workshops and is scheduled to teach in Peru and New Mexico in 2010.

He has also found considerable success with his portrait work, which is presented by the agency Masterfile.

But perhaps most importantly, Milnor is the author of this blog, Smogranch, which allows him to speak his mind, post his mother’s poetry and bring together like minded people around the globe.

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  1. October 24, 2009 4:07 pm

    When Milnor was little, maybe three or four, he was the first to stick his finger in the frosting on a cake to check it out. This act was accompanied be a big, shining smile. He was the youngest of the three frosting samplers.

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