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Photography Book Now Deadline Approaches

June 30, 2010

Look, I’m not sure how to be diplomatic about this, but if you are a photographer and you make books I’m not sure how you avoid entering this contest.

Born from a simple love of the illustrated book, Blurb has ponied up with what I think is THE BEST contest in the modern photography arena. The cost to enter, the price of your book. The potential reward, $25,000, in addition to having your work in front of a bevy of publishing power players.

I don’t really know of another contest like this.

I’ve been lucky enough, due to my relationship with Blurb, to see many of the winning books, and the vast majority of these books were from folks I had never heard of. Don’t know about you, but I find that very exciting.

So if you are considering your options and you have the imagery, think about giving it a go. Remember, this is a book contest. Imagery, design and how they play together requires a certain type of focus. The ingredients must become something more than a sum of the parts.

Any questions, drop ole Smogranch a note and I’ll learn ya.


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