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The Gap

September 29, 2009

Shopping at the gap, Orange County

I love missing teeth. Not so much in older folks, but with kids, I love it.

I remember losing teeth, having them sprinkling out in droves. I became so fixated on them that nothing else existed in the world until they fell out.

And I had an uncle that would say, “Hey, let me see that thing,” and like a nitwit I would go over to him every time not remembering he was just going to yank the thing out. I guess that what uncles are for. In fact, I’m going to try this on my nephew.

And yes, the tooth fairy. How many nights did I lose trying to stay awake to catch a glimpse of this elusive beast? Many.

So anytime I’m shooting and get a chance to capture the missing teeth. I’m on it.

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