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Peru Workshop 2010

September 29, 2009

Okay Campers,

Peru is on tap for 2010. Easter Week, Cusco. Map of Cusco

This is going to be an experience, and a great chance to make some serious images, as well as a chance to begin thinking of your work in book form. Imagine a week away, isolated in the best way. Focused only on making photographs, experimenting, searching, etc. Some of my best work has come from this same story in other parts of the world, so I’m anxious to see how the Peruvians celebrate their Easter.

The idea is to emerge with an essay, in book form, from the time we spend in Cusco. I think this situation is the perfect scenario, not only for making images, but also learning to grasp light, timing, composition and the ability to edit your work with a book in mind. It is times like these that allow you to find your personal vision. I think this class works for the beginner, but also works for anyone who wants to create a body of work, or anyone who wants to disappear into a project. The classes are small, so there is plenty of one on one time as well as the chance to spend time with other students.

Our digs…..Panza del Artista.

On a side not, my wife will be joining us. She is also a photographer and has been a professional markets specialist for Canon Cameras for nearly twenty years. So, if you need to get your tech on in addition to making pictures, she is your ticket.
And if this isn’t enough, each student will receive a coupon for a free Blurb book to cement their experience in printed, bound form.

If you have aspirations as a documentary photographer, this is what life is all about.

You can see my other Easter work, in book form, at this link. Sicilian Easter

Also, check the coupon at the very bottom!


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