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Poem from Mom “Study a Mirror”

September 28, 2009

“Study a Mirror”

my theory is this
if you don’t go
see it for yourself
you have someone elses
opinion of it
we tend to read
accept and enjoy
the printed word
when it is agreeable
with our beliefs
we tend to think
if it is in print
it must be true
we are easy
if it doesn’t effect
our lifestyle
we are for it
when we hunted
so many thought it terrible
and said so as they cut
another bite of steak
what would you eat
is you were starving
your intellectual
critical judgements
self serving superiority
in with the new
most popular trends
society dictating your path
young skinny cool
recreating yourself
like movie stars
who never play themselves
only reel life
see it for yourself
seal yourself
study a mirror

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