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Bolivia Edits

September 26, 2009






Man, talk about a tough place to work. Ten days, seven rolls.

These were done a few years ago, actually, quite a few years ago now, but I was uploading them to Flickr and thought I would share a few.

My experience was that Bolivians were not thrilled with tourists in general, especially those with cameras in their hands.

A friend had gone to Bolivia a few months before I had, and after his return I took the opportunity to take a peak at his images. Looking through the chromes I found an odd point of view, an odd level of where the camera was being held.

I asked about it and he said, “I took the prism off and was shooting from the waist.” “If you even put your hands on the camera people will instantly cover their face.”

He wasn’t kidding. A tough place for sure, but landscape wise, incredible. Elevation, incredible. Poverty, incredible.

Would love to go back, with time….and be able to really find a place to get to know.

I also landed right in the middle of a national water/transportation strike, which meant it was nearly impossible to move around. Roads were blocked, taxi, bus, etc, all shut down. Got stranded in Copacabana, then Sucre. Never made it to Potosi.

Next time.

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  1. September 28, 2009 9:29 pm

    Yo Minor- i’m loving your images. It’s not quantity but quality and your Bolivia work is very impressionable as far as movement and mood are concerned. I’ve been there and traveled two full months around with transportation strikes and road blocks and the like. I can say this: Potosi is worth treading back for. Maybe after your Peru workshop you can harangue a ride further South to Lake Titicaca and beyond.

    • September 28, 2009 9:35 pm

      Hey AW,

      Yes, I would love to finally get there. Stephen Ferry did a great book on the mountain of Potosi, one of my favorites. Bolivia was so harsh to me, but also so exotic.

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