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Self Portrait, Bolivia.

September 10, 2009

As cold as I look.

I just found this and was uploading to Flickr. Why? No idea. Why not? An entire folder of self-portraits.

What cracks me up is the mirror. Look at it. The triangular, fancy mirror in a place that I think was like $2 per night. The only place left in town. Up on ridge. We were stuck in this town, for several days, transportation strike, or water strike or something along those lines.

The entire country was crippled. All but air travel I think. One day water was free, the next, not free. People were ticked to say the least. So, we had an extended stay.

I slept in these clothes, not just this night, but many nights. Got up one morning, in this same town, and found some German guy sleeping under a bus, frozen solid. He was alive, but not real happy. Got to town too late and got stuck outside. I think we were at around 14,000 ft elevation.

Not an easy place to work, at all, not even close. I think I shot seven rolls in twelve days. Didn’t really get much good work. But, the country is incredible.

Did I mention how cold I was?

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