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Poem from Mom “Crooked Day”

September 4, 2009

“Crooked Day”

it was the start of a crooked day
things were going to get in the way
a hummingbird came with a headache
from fighting over a feeder
a dove flew into a window
breaking its neck
a chilling killing wreck
a cat was up a tree
not a good place to be
a toad came out to drink
to close to a cat we think
feral kittens arrived hidden
their location to us forbidden
chickadees have no bath
because of bees in their path
blue jays showed their brass
throwing food into the grass
the deer ate our flowers
neighbor dogs barked all night
as we stopped a cat fight
the early morning was hot
but its what we got
I drank my espresso
with my arm around
my old hunting dog
as we sat and watched
a white feather headed
male cardinal came to eat
a new view its true
looking for blue
we have no clue
it was a crooked day
stuff got in the way
that’s all we can say

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