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Open Season

August 19, 2009


“Well honey, wake up the kids, we’re here!”

“Wow sweetie, this place is great,” “‘What do you want to do first?”

“Well, we could take the kids on a hike, or maybe we should set up camp?”

“That sounds swell, I think I’d like to get my fishing gear out too, might just catch us a little dinner.”

(Laughs, cheers,)

“Or, we could get the guns and blast the hell out of that Smokey the Bear sign.”

“Oh ya, that sounds great, the kids will love it.”

“Okay kids, lock and load.”

“I know you kids are going to want to shoot signs in the future, so I want to make sure you know how to do it right.”

“Ah gee, thanks dad.”

(rounds chambered, gunshot echoes, splintering wood)

I’ve never shot a sign in my life, but I can see the desire to do so. I’m mean these signs are dangerous, and when I’m severely liquored up and playing with firearms, I’m not a good enough shot to hit anything moving. So a sign is a logical choice, and much cheaper than say a car or structure.

It takes a special kind of marksman to shoot a sign, one with keen intellect and a nerves of steel.

So, to all you sign shooters…lock and load because Smokey is still standing.

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