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Spooky Good Call

August 6, 2009

Time to blow my own horn.

Yep, you heard me. Time to talk some smack.

So, I’m in the grocery store with my wife. She is picking up her dented cans of cream of mushroom soup and I’m digging for my head cheese, when suddenly I look toward the check out and see a rack full of magazines.

As we get closer, I see that one of the magazines is Outside, a popular read that most of you are, I’m sure, well aware of.

“Sam Jones shot that cover,” I said, from fifty feet away.

“What?” my wife asked losing patience with my incessant chatter.

“That cover was shot by Sam Jones, I can tell from all the way over here,” I repeated.

“Whatever,” she said rolling her eyes in disgust.

The guy in front of us was that guy who waits for the checker to tell him the total before he actually begins the great quest to find his wallet, so I had some time to kill.

I picked up the magazine and flipped through the first few pages.

As I did I saw another image, this time black and white, and said, “Yep, I frickin guarantee this is Sam Jones.”

At the bottom of the following pages, “Cover image by Sam Jones.”

“You are incredible,” my wife said, now suddenly warming to the idea that she had actually married me all those years ago.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” I said. Then I hit her with “I left my wallet at home,” erasing any positive position I had created.

The moral? Sam Jones shoots good pictures. I know his work. He has a style.

He’s a cool guy. I met him once, had a beer, talked a little shop. He didn’t strike me as a huge crew, big production, cutting edge type of guy. He was just about making good pictures yes, but you can tell by his images he has a REAL relationship with those he is working with. His pictures look like friends hanging out.

And, he isn’t just a photographer. Musician. Filmmaker(real one.) Artist. Writer. Probably a dad or brother or something along those lines too. He’s the dude that blows it for all of us who are doing just the one thing.

But enough heaping praise. Back to the style thing. Find one. Make one. Don’t copy it. Dig for it.

And here’s to guys like Sam doing what he does, and for total freaks of nature like me who can spot it a mile away.

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  1. August 7, 2009 9:20 am

    I agree…his work stands out…I can spot his Rolling Stone covers too before I even open the mag…another one is Anton Corbijn…he did an Outside cover on Lance that I knew was his even before I saw the credits…funny, it didn’t look like every cover photo of (insert celeb here) in front of white sweep backdrop…


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