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My Kid Secrets

July 24, 2009

This is a photo-post.

It might not seem like it, but it is.

A lot of people ask me about working with kids. “How do you do it Uncle Danno?”

Well, there are many secrets, tricks, trips, dodges, feigns, zigs, zags, etc. This post illustrates a few.

Being an uncle is critical. Being an uncle allows for certain, “liberties.” I can say things, do things, teach things, all I can deny later, that introduce our small friends to things that uncles are SUPPOSED to introduce them to.

Take a 1970’s or 1980’s power ballad, an essential for any 3.5-year-old to know.

“Okay, I got the main line, you take the chorus,” I yell, coaching him in the fine art of powerful vocals. “LAAAADDY….when I’m with you I’m smiiiiilllling.”

Note the fireman’s hat I’m wearing. This is no accident. Multi-tasking. Ya, I can sing, AND I want to be a fireman.

And note his double mic technique. Not even many legends can pull this off, but he’s already a pro.

Later in the day, we move to the “power zone,” otherwise known as the couch.

You can’t just watch TV, you gotta constantly badger one another, as men do. Trade verbal insults, or even better yet, make fart noises in each others ear.

This never gets old.

And what does he do? He counters with “stink foot,” upping my fart noise in the ear with his own man stink move.

I’m telling you people, this is how you work with kids.

The pictures I got from this little visit are being submitted to the Photographic Hall of Fame.

This might seem a little nontraditional. Some photographers would use a stuffed animal or candy to subdue their pint size prey, but not me. I get down and dirty and live with the little boogers.

In all seriousness, this is what makes this work worth doing. It ain’t just the final pics. Those are great. Those are important, sure, but LIVING is the real deal here.

Before I left today we had a quick discussion of last night’s dreams. It appears, in his dream, he stumbled upon a power ranger hassling some girl. So what did he do? Run away? Call for help? No way.

Not the Super Dynamite. I’m not sure EXACTLY what happened, but the gist was he stuffed the power ranger under a pipe, then had him eaten by a shark and then put in jail.

My job here is done.

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