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Story from Mom "Old Hunting Dog Has Her Day"

May 22, 2009

gypsy is my english pointer hunting dog
she has lived her 12 years to do one thing
to hunt birds and upon occasion other critters
she picks up their scent tracts them points them
and waits or breaks her point and chases and catches
we are older now and don’t walk the fields anymore
but we carry on the the hunting tradition every morning
after she goes outdoors first thing I break and hide
small pieces of dog biscuits around the inside of the cabin
when she comes in extremely excited about this
I go out on her porch and hide some more biscuits
when she comes out and finishes her porch hunt
she sits down next to me as I drink my espresso and bats at my arm
she then shakes hands speaks and sits up for more biscuits
now this is fun for her but not the same as a real live bird
well yesterday good fortune brought us a real live bird
a white winged dove flew into the cabin window on her porch
she was asleep on her sofa as apposed to her highway 218 red leather chair
I ran out to see if the impact had killed the dove
I observed the dove and decided it was struggling
it was going through the final death twitches signifying the end
my decision was to get gypsy and let her have her way with it
I went into the cabin and pryed her off the sofa
I told her bird out here and opened the door to her porch
as her feet softly touched the porch floor she hit a point on the dove
it was still shaking a bit but sitting still
I nudged her telling her it was ok to get it
suddenly there she was bird in mouth one happy dog
she headed out into her fenced area with her prize
when she dropped the dove to clean all the feathers out of her mouth
it tried to fly or run and hit the fence where she retrieved it again
she spent alot of time with this most prized possession
by the end of the day it was gone what a treat raw meat
I will admitt but would not want anyone to know
I eyed that dove and the thought crossed my mind
that it would taste pretty good to me for dinner that night
but today it would be gypsy who enjoyed this magnificent bird
by the end of the day there were a couple feathers and alittle raw meat
on the cabin porch floor which she finished before heading back to her sofa
and a night of sweet sweet dreams about dove hunting ending her perfect day
I noticed a big smile on her face as I checked this happy old hunting dog
a loyal superb companion to me for so many years

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