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Photographer Chronicles Volume One: Michael Napper

April 25, 2009

Okay, this is a maiden voyage here people. The idea of these will be photographers and their books, under one minute in length. I mean come on, how much time does a person have in a given day, beyond say….one minute.

The first victim is my amigo Michael Napper. I will revisit with Mr. Napper upon my further learning of this little production method, but for those of you looking for inspiration, or those of you looking to collect work, I didn’t want to waste a second in getting this video up.

I was trying to figure out how best to describe Michael, and I think the easiest label to apply is “artist.” I know, I know, the baggage that comes with that word, but hang on there people and let me explain. He paints, makes pictures, sketches, works with wood, metal, glue, blood, paper and everything other imaginable thing.

In my house alone, I have one of his photos, three paintings and one mixed media piece. You getting my drift here. Art is not a passion, a hobby, it is simply his life.

He is also a book maker. Most of his books, at least those I have seen, are his journals, which are so good they make me insanely jealous. I’m not really into crime, but I would probably steal one if he left it out. Just saying.

Anyway, we were able to hang out for a few minutes yesterday, in the ghostly grounds of what once was Highland Grounds, and I got him to take a minute, literally, and talk to me about this one particular book.


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