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Day Two: Dynamite

April 11, 2009

So this morning we learned that Batman and Superman are not immune to fighting over rent money.

We also learned where coffee came from, and that under no circumstances does Dynamite require coffee in the morning.

“I’m not grown up yet,” was his reason.

My reason is obvious from these photos.

We also learned Aunt Amy loves his little square feet and wants time to play with them. Just roll with it.

We both pee standing up. Got that out of the way.

And I think, from now on, the name, “Uncle Danno” has been engraved in little boy stone. That’s me.

I can now hear “Cars” in the background, followed by giggles, cheers, laughing. The TV has the same effect on all of us.

I was actually thinking I was going to have a normal life today, get some work done this morning, clean off my one remaining computer, but I realize now just how unrealistic even THINKING this was.

“Do you know I needed ten hours of sleep after spending a day with you?” Aunt Amy said to Dynamite.

All she got was a grin in return.

Day two. Lock and load.

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