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Western Light

January 18, 2009

I think one of the most overlooked aspects of photography, especially in those just starting out, is the importance of light.

Often times I see portfolios filled with images shot in noonish light, and most of the time, these images just fall short of their intended goal.

Look at the great photographs throughout history and you will notice the importance of light. It doesn’t have to be early morning or late light, not always, as there are plenty of ways of getting nice light during different times.

I just agreed to shoot a portrait at 11am, here in California, and I guarantee the light will be terrible, but I’m also assured there will be A LOT of light, which is the advantage I’m looking for.

These images are not great images, but they are about light. These are the images you make when you feel yourself in the presence of great light and you feel like you just have to shoot something.

The curse of light slowly takes over your mind, and one day you find yourself studying every angle of every scene, finding the places you could or would shoot. Then you know your life is truly over.

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