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Color for Color

September 12, 2008

Just a few pictures. Color for color. Yes, I do shoot color. Am working on two projects right now, both in color. Still prefer black and white, but have to open it up from time to time.

Saw contact sheets yesterday, not mine, but it was exciting all the same. They were 120 squares, printed on 8×10 fiber paper. The black was inky black and the paper had a glimmer when held to the light.

It was the photographers first foray into a new project, and there was a thoughtfulness to the images. A searching. A feeling out. But not crazy, over the top, shooting for the sake of shooting.

There were keepers on each roll, and also many other images within the 12 on each page.

I also saw framed silver prints in someones office. They were a year-long project on a remote monastery. The light was beautiful. A year’s worth of it, all refined down to four or five images. Those pictures said everything that needed to be said. They were personal.

All the work I saw had soul. Soul. Something seemingly lost in our modern photo-world. So much of what I see has no soul, nothing that shows the photographer living with the pictures, both inside and outside. Things now are rushed, polished, retouched, perfected, with the idea being that no image is good enough unless it has been “touched.”

But I don’t agree.

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