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Bagazine: Get Em While Their Hot!

July 31, 2008

You know those people you meet from time to time who just carry a certain creative charm? Those people who leave you looking at your own life and saying to yourself, “Geez, I haven’t done anything yet.” These people are in a constant state of creation, making objects that fuel the fires of the rest of us.

Well, Johnny Brewton is one of those characters. The owner and operator of Xray Book Company, Johnny is always up to something.

And luckily for the rest of us, he has emerged from his recent artistic sequester with a new edition of the famed “Bagazine,” or magazine in a bag.

“Bagazine 3” the recent release, is a collection of art which includes photographs, drawings, writing, illustration, and the list goes on and on.

You never know who or what will end up in these creations, but the result is well worth the wait.

Names like Billy Childish, Silas Hite, Skillet Marimba, Sexton Ming, Zach Plague and Mister “X,” are just a few included in this recent edition.

My wife has this odd tendency of getting the mail when we get in the car to go somewhere, so by the end of the day our mail is scattered all over the car, blown out the windows, etc. I always yell to her, “Leave it in the box!!!!” when I see her angling that way.
Yesterday I watched as she grabbed an armful of stuff out of the box, and one package was larger than the rest. “Hmmm, Bagazine,” she uttered under her breath, tossing it back into the mailbox.
“NOOOOO,” I yelled. “Bring that one along!!

This is what I mean, you just gotta see this thing.

Now the Bagazine is only one small cog in the wheel of the Brewton world, and I recommend to all of you to check out his work, his life, his site and his creations.

The Bagazine is limited to 100 SIGNED COPIES, and these babies are collected by some of the most significant collection houses in the United States.

Stop surfing the celebrity news on Yahoo and get on the horn to Xray to put your order in! These things will NOT last long.

Xray and Bagazine, as well as Brewton himself, represent everything that is right with the creative world. Pioneering people building work BY HAND, following a creative light only visible to a chosen few.

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  1. Wishful Mommy permalink
    August 2, 2008 7:25 am

    yes i know those kinds of people you speak of – those creative types that make us secondguess our own worth

    dude, you are that person to me!

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