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Morocco Photo Moment

April 22, 2008

In honor of a recent blog I found I wanted to go back and feature a few images from my last trip to Morocco. I was technically on vacation, so it was not a “real” work trip, although with the amount of travel we did and range of experiences we had, it makes it difficult to say we were on a REAL vacation. In fact, can’t remember the last time I had a REAL vacation. Not sure I woul
d know what to do.

All Leica, 35mm, Tmax 3200 film, pure street shooting I guess you would call it. For me it all starts with the light, without it, hard to make great pictures, and as you know sometimes you get find great light and others times no. When you have limited time in places you have to work with what you get. Morocco light, after 8am is harsh, if I remember correctly, so you work early, late and work around the edges of the light during middle parts of the day. You can backlight, rim light, work inside out, etc, to try and snatch images.

The first two pictures here are from Marrakesh.

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