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The Fires

October 29, 2007

For those of you who have been asking, first of all, thank you for doing so. Although the air, in places, still smells of smoke, at least in this area of Southern California, all is much better than before.
My house, covered in ash and debris from 60 mph winds, is still standing, and was never really under threat. The fire would have had to have burned ten miles of concrete to get to where I am.
There are, however, many folks who were not so lucky, and still many more who continue to hold their breath.
Today was the first day I could see the sky, and felt like I could finally open my doors and windows.
I ran the mop in my office today, and once again, it was covered in a fine ash, which turns to a nice, coffee-like mud when you begin to sweep it.
When the onshores blow, and you look inland, the plumes of smoke are still there. The Santiago fire I believe, set by an arsonist, or at least that is the opinion of those who know.
What is odd is that already the fires were somewhat of an afterthougth on the nightly news as people move on with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the presidential race, which now begins to get interesting.

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