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Photo Plus

October 28, 2007

Okay, recap of Photo Plus.

It was just like last year. Only there were less pros and more advanced amateurs. I nearly lost my voice after speaking for three days. Most people don’t understand, or even know about white balance, and this includes most of the “pros” I spoke to.

There is a huge amount of new technology, but I would say the quality of image, overall, has continued to slip. It seems we are all preoccupied with gear, and not as intent on actually using it to make better pictures.

Produced, retouched work is what is exhibited the most, by far. So, if your goal is to get sponsorship, get known, I would suggest this style of work.

There was still very little about archiving. Scary.

And, there are many copy cat companies that are mimicking existing companies. Nothing new.

Weather was fantastic. New York is gentrified, although the streets in the Meatpacking District are still sticky with death.

In a nutshell.

Best meal I had in the city??? A home cookin job by the Beegs!

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  1. Aileen permalink
    October 29, 2007 8:23 pm

    Hi Dan,
    I’ve read each of your posts and must say that it’s nice to hear others reflect what I’m thinking and have them have enough guts to say it outloud.Americans can be wooses.
    I went to WPPI in ’03 got some decent tid bits out of it, but came to the conclusion that I was being sold…ideas, equip, workshops etc… It’s hard not to be influenced by the crap that abounds so my goal for this year is to shut up and shoot. It way too easy to follow the well trodden path. We all end up being like the kids at high school who try so hard to be different that they all end up looking alike anyway! Thanks for your thoughts. Aileen

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