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September 26, 2007

You ever notice those annoying online or printed magazine lists about the best towns to live in? Or the coolest town to live in? The best states to live in? The best kept secret spots to live in?
The list should read, “The Towns Which Will Surely Be Ruined By Us Putting Them On This List.” Because in essense what happens is the masses of people who live in the worst places to live, or the uncoolest towns to live in, or the worst states to live in, or the worst kept secrets spots to live in will all see the list and begin to flee their putrid hell and move toward the towns on the list.
Your town can’t be the best, cool or secret once it is on the list. Ever wonder why the towns on the list change every year? Well, it’s because the towns from the previous year are already ruined.
There are people out there packing right now, heading toward your secret town, and they are bringing all their stuff with them.

If your smart you will start your own list and aim the masses of unhappy residents to decoy “garden spots.”

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