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April 13, 2007

Okay, nearly a year after the infamous “positive” test, Floyd Landis still finds himself entangled in his million dollar defense of the Tour de France crown.
Yesterday, a governing body ruled the lab could test the backup, or B samples, from Landis, to help with other ongoing aspects of the evidence they are gathering against him.
I’m a little confused. I’ve been confused about this for a year, but I keep thinking SOMEONE will answer some of these questions about the case.
And yet, no, nothing, nada.
The “mainstream” media has completely dropped the ball on this case. I think a collective, “doping fatigue” and complete ignorance of procedure, history and science is to blame, not to mention most of the “mainstream” media seems to know little about cycling, and probably can’t win any awards by writing about it. Harsh, I know, but think about it.
Landis failed a test for synthetic testosterone. He failed one test, in the middle of SEVEN tests throughout the Tour de France.
How does that work? How is that possible? Doesn’t this seem a little strange? Would someone take testosterone for one day? I’m not saying he wouldn’t but what benefit would there be?
You would think that someone would have tried to explain that, but as far as I know it just keeps appearing in print as a sidenote.
Oh and remember, the “mainstream” media first reported his testosterone level was too high, then too low, then the ratio was too high, then too low, etc, etc. They had NO IDEA what they were reporting, yet they did it anyway. Better to run a retraction than coming in second?
Also, the lab that conducted the tests is the same lab that has made countless procedural errors in past tests, and was the same lab that went after Lance Armstong, over and over. And yet this is the lab that is still being used for the testing? Nice!!(in Borat tone)
I don’t think anyone is disputing the fact that this lab has made several errors, and yet the idea of using another lab hasn’t occured to anyone? Nice!!(in Borat tone)
Believe me, I think most of the guys who are competing at the highest level in cycling are DOPED TO THE GILLS, but that does not eliminate the fact that something isn’t right in the Landis case.
And, when I hear a report about this case, in the “mainstream” media, it is the same rehashed mush they were reporting when the case first broke.
Funny, of all those riders to ride last year, just one positive test. Just one. American Floyd Landis. Winner.
Oh, and that “event” a few months ago regarding the second place finisher, and a “abnormal” test of some kind. THAT was an accident. The Spanish anti-doping investigation. Oh ya, were gonna throw that one out too.
In short, the entire industry of cycling stinks, and I would not be surprised to find out that the crowd watching the race is doping. But, again, that still does not make me wonder what is really going on behind the scenes in the Landis case.

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