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The Same Old Reckoning

January 5, 2007

Well, it’s that time again. The great political push has begun, for real, as we head toward our next election. There is much glee on the Democrat side as they gain control in both of the big frat houses we call govenment. We usher in our first female speaker of the house, second in command for the main job, behind the VP, in case anything goes wrong. About time, can’t believe it took this long.
So, we see the changes, we hear the changes, but why do I get that foul feeling in my gut when I think of the coming elections? Why do I feel that we will continue to see and hear how much we have to do? How much we have to change? What wonderful candidates we have to choose from?

Speaking of candidates. Clinton and Obama are the current darlings, and I like Obama, but I’m not sure either is the smart endorsement. Can a woman or mixed race person with the US election? I don’t know. Is Pelosi a good sounding board for Clinton? Is the speaker okay and the presidential office not okay? Does Obama have enough experience? Is experience in our political system just another word for corruption?

And, on the Repub side…….McCain. Okay, not thrilled about him either. He has a long political career, served in the military, has the POW history, etc, a guy that has been through hell and back, but again, perhaps that long political career is not what we need at this point.

What I’m trying to say here is that, once again, I feel like we are headed toward the “lesser of two evils,” political election that has been the staple of my voting life. Never have I had someone I said, “Wow, I really like this person, believe in them.” No, instead it has been, “Well, I CAN”T vote for so and so, so I guess I’ll vote for so and so.”

This is it America? This is the best we can do? I don’t believe it.

Come on! Any country that can produce Hee Haw can provide a better candidate for president. We have work to do people. Let’s not settle on the C grade candidate. Let’s pressure these people and get someone we can rally around.

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