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The End

December 30, 2006

Saddam is dead. I can’t imagine a more pathetic or lackluster downfall than what we just witnessed in the past five years. Has it been that long? It has. It seems like yesterday that the Iraqi Information Minister was addresses us infidels, alerting us to the fact our troops were being slaughtered like dogs outside the Royal Palace. I’m not sure what palace he was referering to at that time, but her sure seemed sure of himself. Then, suddenly, he was gone. Did we ever find him? He might possibly be the only bit of humor in this entire quagmire of a situation we convinced ourselves we needed to join. I’m lumping all of “us” into the “us” division because all of “us” elected our current, and past administations. We have nobody to blame but “us.”

Found in a “spiderhole,” and now hung on live TV. Who could have imagined an end like this? The sons are gone too, gone in the routine gun battle, leaving only the smoking ruins of the numerous shrines as the only physical reminder of this empire now brought to it’s demise.

Now what? I haven’t a clue.

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