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Bad Trak

December 27, 2006

Well, I tried. Was thinking of taking the train from Florida back to California. Typed in the departure city, the destination city, came up with $267. Wow, this great I’m thinking. Then, read closer and notice you are reserving just a seat for a four day trip. I’m game for most trips, anywhere, anytime, but four days in a regular seat is hell if you ask me.
So, I click further, adding to my needs, “just a simple sleeper car sir.”
Now we are talking over a grand. The money I have, no big deal, but the concept I can’t get my head around. Florida to DC, to Chicago, then to Los Angeles and home. Not sure I like that route for one, would rather tuck along the border and stay south. And, last time I tried a trip like this, via train, when I read the REALLY small print, it said, “Oh, one of these legs requires a small stretch on a BUS!”
No thanks. Train travel is for kings, but no offense to Greyhound, bus travel is like serving time.
So, looks like I will once again be relegated to boring, overcrowded, no personality air travel. Flying ain’t what it used to be.

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