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Who Dat!

December 25, 2006

The Saints, yet again, dominate in yesterday’s performance against the puny Giant. On the road, in the cold, the Saints send a message to anyone and everyone, “we are ready for anyone, anything, anywhere.” Please remember this statement…the Giants did not take an offensive snap in Saint territory ALL DAY LONG. None, nada, nothing. Tiki who? Shockey? Who?
The puny Bear sweats it out against Detroit, embroiled in yet another quarterback controversy; they need a drive in the fading moments to get the win. Now, if Cowboy loses, New Orleans will have a first round bye. If not, no matter. They are the hottest team in the NFC, and are a near lock for the NFC Super Bowl participant.
Who can touch them? Cowboys? Nope, already toasted them IN DALLAS. Seattle? Please, don’t think so. Really, puny Bear is the only team that has a shot, and their only real hope is for Soldier Field to freeze over. The Saints have the number one offense in the league and with seven real weapons on offense, even the vaunted Bear defense will fold.
Yesterday was a warm up, and the Saint still racked up nearly 240 yards on the ground. Bush and McAllister are both studs, each gaining over the century mark. Horn out? No big deal, Copper in. Oh, and don’t forgot Colston or the burner Hendersen.
You can go ahead and pencil this one in.

Saints vs. Chargers in Super Bowl whatever.

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  1. Paul Gero permalink
    December 29, 2006 5:40 am

    and saints vs. chargers is going to be one helluva game…

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