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Technology = Stupidity New Study Shows

December 23, 2006

Independent sources are reporting that stupidity is directly related to technology. According to the Slow Thinker Journal, the average IQ has dropped dramatically since the full-scale assault of technology on our society and environment. Archibald Henrod of the Journal reports that humans are now caught in a perpetual cycle of being “somewhere else” when interfacing with electronics, gadgets, gizmos and other new-fangled devices.
This reporter was recently treated to a display of this exact situation while enjoying a live dance performance. Someone seated several rows behind had accidentally left their cell phone on during the performance. Suddenly, the quiet of the room was pierced by what sounded like a Tupac song. Heads turned, fingers pointed and grumbling was the order of the day. But wait, it got better. This dance fan wasn’t finished, not by a long shot. This person not only let the phone ring four or five times, but then actually took the call.! Somehow, through blind luck or the kindness of strangers, this person somehow managed to avoid a severe mangling at the hands of other audience members.
It is based on several hundred thousand of these events, occuring daily around us, that prompted the study and these terrifying findings.

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  1. Paul Gero permalink
    December 29, 2006 5:42 am

    quit sourcing the onion

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