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North Shore Day…Lost Track

December 15, 2006

North Shore: Day…lost track

Not sure how long this thing can last; this place, with all these people, all these needs and all this development. Hawaii. What was it like, back in the day when The Captain walked ashore in Kauai?
Now, I look around and see so much, with so much more on the way. They say the sea, if we continue at current consumption, will be fished out in less than 50 years. What will happen to this place? Buffet will be an unknown word.
Will everything crumble? Is it crumbling now, even as the bulldozers clear what little undeveloped land is left?
I know this must sound negative, or a total downer, but I have begun to realize you can think about this, ponder this, at face value. Just ask the questions. You don’t have to give up, fold or trudge around as if impending doom is all we have to look forward to.

I’m in a Photoshop class. Sure, I’m not paying attention, but rather doing email and writing this, but I’m still in the classroom. Me in a PS class, if that isn’t a sign things are about to implode I’m not sure what is. This stuff is just not for me. Nothing wrong with it by any means, but I’ve got other things to do with my life. I’m a 90%-10% photographer, which means I do 90% of my work in the field and 10% in the office when I’m done. A lot of “modern” shooters are the opposite. I just want to edit, tweak, convert, save, deliver or post and then archive. No funky layers, borders, retouching, etc. I just don’t care.

The lecturer says, “You guys are imagers aren’t you, you don’t get in and do all this stuff do you?” “We are too buy taking photos,” a photographer responds. “This program is just an unruly beast and we are never going to catch up,” he adds.
I’m not sure he should catch up. He is a good photographer, has been for a long while, and in some ways, this stuff will only move him in the wrong direction. Why get involved in this? Will it make him a better photographer? No. He will donate much of his nonshooting time to post-production when he could be spending it on advertising and marketing, or better yet, out shooting more!

The contest is rumored to be on for tomorrow morning when a 12-15 foot swell unloads on Pipeline. People are getting nervous as we near the end of the waiting period, and the long-term outlook does not promise much in terms of swell. Rabbit says they have 1.5 days left and they need to run all day tomorrow. We will be up early, once again, waiting, checking the site for the call.

No shooting today, just work inside, then beach time, for the first time. Sunny, calm and perfect for doing absolutely nothing.

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