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North Shore: Day Four

December 10, 2006

It’s on. The Pipeline Masters looks to be headed for day one when the little hand strikes eight. Up at 5:30, watching the stars and checking to see what the surf looks like, at least what it looks like from the balcony of the Turtle Bay. Can’t tell much at this point.
Last night’s U2 concert is in the books, not that I attended, but it seems that at least half of the island did. I’m hoping that this event had something to do with the amount of traffic and congestion we have been enduring as of late.
The entire North Shore seems to have quadrupled in population since last year.
The Digital Railroad programs are also in the books, and the reception was fantastic. Good to see the snappers getting geared up to get streamlined.
Our first surfing snaps yesterday afternoon at Rocky Point. I shoot a few rolls of black and white, then switch to digital and the 600mm just to get a few pics in. Ruined. Somehow the inside of my digi body looks as if it has been filled with lint. The entire viewfinder is awash in dust, dirt, a liquid of somekind as well as what looks like a fingerprint.
I shoot about 100 images, knowing I’m going to be trashing all of them. Sure enough, an edit later in the day and the images are just packed with grit. This is a typical issue with digital, always fighting to keep the insides clean, but most of the time it is not THAT big of a deal. This time, however, it was a BIG DEAL. Funny thing, this body had just been cleaned and checked. Ooops.
So, last night, technician of all technicians, Rolle Nuesco got me back in shape and ready for the day. No spotting, no cleaning up, just tweak and convert. Still, will be shooting 99% film, but in the case I need this digital thingy I will be good to go.

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