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What next?

November 21, 2006

In this business, many of the people you end up working with, within the industry, try to envision you as one thing or another. Pidgeon-holing someone is another description for this, but it is not to say anyone does to to damage you. Just picture yourself, no pun intended, as a photo-editor having to deal with the hundreds and hundreds of photographers that clog your inbox everyday.
As a defense mechanism these editors, or other people in the position of hiring photographers, will want to remember you for just one thing, to make things easier when the times comes to hire someone. Someone says, “Los Angeles, spot news,” and wham a name pops in their head. “Kid photographer,” wham, another name.
For me, this has always been an issue. Why? Because I shoot A LOT of different things.
Recently, I was in New York showing work at a gathering of photo-agencies from around the world. All throughout the day, editors, art-buyers, picture researchers, etc, were coming through the door and up to the table I was sitting at. They would casually browse the work, mine as well as many others, and if something caught their eye they would move closer and ask questions.
Many times someone would look at my work, the varying images and ask about one or the other. Then, they would ask about the other work, and look for another person to be associated with it. I would say, “Oh, actually, all of that is mine,” and we would laugh about the diversity of the pictures.
Last week, in one day I shot a kid portrait, an adult portrait, pictures of my mother, botanicals and black and white landscapes.
The crazy part. I feel like I haven’t even started yet, and there are many more things on the way.

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