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Scarface and the Coke Sub

November 20, 2006

So recently I watched the 1980’s classic Scarface, one of the signature pieces of actor Al Pacino’s career. I had seen this beauty before, but it had been years, and so many currents films are crap, so I decided to revisit this brutal classic to see how it would stand the test of time.
The disco scenes alone are worth the price of admission. Tragically 80’s would be a accurate way to describe these awful moments. When I say awful I mean like a car accident where you know you shouldn’t look but you just can’t stop yourself. The cars, the clothes, the lighting, etc, might be the 80’s, but Pacino’s acting and the storyline are equally as strong today as they were in the days of daylights shootouts in Miami Dade.
We have had Enron and the Yankees, but nothing crumbles quite like a coke empire, and this film is worth revisiting.

And, on a newsworthy note, today, off the coast of Costa Rica, authorities captured a “coke sub.” Yep, someone actually built a sub, a lame one(6 foot diving depth) to haul their booty to the US of A. Do you need a captain’s license to pilot this thing? Is there a bathroom on board? A glass bottom to see the fish? Direct TV? I guess you don’t have to worry about the captain falling asleep.

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