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LA Gallery Shows

November 17, 2006

Okay, if you have the time, there are two shows in Los Angeles that are must sees. First, “Subway,” by Bruce Davidson, Magnum photographer and legendary documentary icon, at the Rose Gallery in Bergamont Station. Dye transfer prints. And for you digital love children, if you don’t know what these are, put down the wacom pad and google it. Only one person still doing this style print, but they are unique and fun to look at, and will give you an idea of the power of “old school” color. Don’t know Bergamont Station? Wake up, put down the pipe and drive there right now. An interesting place, typically something worthwhile at any point you decide to drop by.
Also, Daido Moriyama at Stephen Cohen Gallery on Beverly Blvd. Trend-setting Japanese master of the nasty streets of this Asian land. Dark, grain, mood, craziness. If you don’t know Daido, don’t fret, their is still hope for you. Drive there as fast as possible.

Was also able to take in BD lecture at the Anthony Nex studio in Culver City, a beautiful place. Thank you Anthony.
Bruce was fantastic, had a sense of humor and a body of work that just makes me shake in my boots. There are not many people like Bruce left, and unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many young photographers producing the depth and girth of the work that Bruce has done. However, we live in a time when this type of depth is substituted for Tom and Kate’s wedding, etc. There are great “young” photographers working, Magnum having at least three or four, but a different time indeed.
I always had respect for Bruce, but now it goes even further.
Oh, and just to remind you what this 73-year-old shooter does on a daily basis….PRINTS! His own work, from 5am to 2pm each day. How you like them apples?

It appears as if there will be much new work from Bruce, courtesy of Steidl publishing(my favorite by the way, not that I have ever had a book done!) which is good for all of us. A retrospective. 50 years, new work. Brace yourself.

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