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Ballot Booth D-Day

November 7, 2006

It’s here people. Voting day. And once again, the great question….”Who the hell are you going to vote for?”
My entire life, all thirty-seven-years of it, I’ve never had ANYONE who made me think, “I really feel great about voting for this person.”
Nope. Never.
If you are HONEST about “your” candidate, and you look TRUTHFULLY into their background…I”m not sure how you can vote with confidence. Our system of government, although grand in many ways, does seem to produce candidates of alarming stature.
I always find myself asking,”Is this it?” “Is this the best we could come up with?”
Voting straight ticket is beyond my ability to fathom, and I know A LOT of folks who vote this way.
Just because I see a guy in a Satan’s Slaves vest doesnt’ make me think I want to join the biker gang. Then why would I vote for someone with “Democrat” or “Republican” around their neck?
Let’s face it, the days of hard, party-line politics are as blurred as Mel Gibson’s night vision.
I think…I think we have to THINK now. Does that make sense.
There IS one thing I enjoy about today, and that is the process of going to vote, the actual, physical process. Walking into the booth, punching, clipping, licking or whatever process we are dealing with at this point. It’s cool. So go do it.

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