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Dream Weaver

October 28, 2006

Well, it’s over. The lowest rated World Series in recent history, and the puny, “no chance” Cardinal has wrapped it up. “The experts are idiots,” banner hung over the railing proved once again just have savvy the average fan really is.
Through all the hype and circumstance, one guy, in my opinion, believe it or not, stands above all the rest. Pujols? Nope. La Russa? No. Rolen? Nah.
Believe it or not, to me, the guy who made the stand, who made everyone eat their words was none other than SoCal native Jeff Weaver, the punching bag of the entire United States based sports media, who by all accounts act more like a pack of jackals than the “fair and unbiased” group they claim to be.
Weaver, a hard luck guy, who has made stops in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and Anaheim, where he was dumped earlier this year to make room for his younger brother. Traded to St. Louis, he was left for dead, and once again provided fodder for local sports reporters.
“He will get lit up like a Christmas tree,” one jackal said before last night’s game. Eight innings, 9k’s.
Weaver, a gangly, mullett wearing guy who scowls from the mound as he looks in for the signs, is neither a skilled public speaker nor a guy who seems to possess any kind of luck.
But last night’s performance was dominating, a sledge hammer to the thin skull that was the Detroit lineup. Even though Tiger pitchers were charged with five errors through the first five games, the reality is their lineup hit under .200 for the series, and it doesn’t take an expert to know you arent’ going to win with that level of puny bat.
“St. Louis the worst team to ever make the World Series,” the jackals wrote, again again, as somehow this opinion became standard printable material. How you get to the final showdown by being a bad team is a revelation to me. What “technology” gave them this info? The BCS computer?
It is clear now the sports media is suffering from the same CNN’ ish glut of time they need to fill with useless dribble. With 24hour sports channels eating up story after story, the jackals need to fill air time, so we are treated to these poignant points of view.
Weaver 1, Jackals 0

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