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Oh God No

October 16, 2006

Yep, heard it again yesterday. “The Saints really are America’s Team.”
No, sorry, they are NOT America’s team. They are the same hard luck lot that have been gettting burned for all these years.
Yes, new, improved, for sure, and all you needed to see was yesterday’s fourth quarter to realize this ain’t your old Brooks led, folding, house of cards.
The first half they owned the puny Eagle. Then, after halftime, for 1.5 quarters, the old Saints showed up. The gag reel was in place.
But suddenly, after giving up 21 straight points and losing the lead, something strange happened.
The regrouped. They tied it up. They held. They won the game.
I’m not sure, in twenty years, I”ve EVER seen that. Really. I don’t remember it. It could be my bodies response to so much misery, like when your mind shuts down during a car wreck because it really doesn’t want you to remember much.
Sean Payton is a miracle worker, and by the way, not affraid to get in the face of anyone from the team.
These same announcers, actually ALL of the announcers, from both networks, and both radio stations I listened to, PICKED PHILLY!
“The Saints aren’t as good as their record.”
“The Saints haven’t played anyone.”
Etc, etc,
Then, during the game, shock and awe. “Ahh, this New Orleans team is ah..ah., theya really….ah….playing well.”
I think maybe that thump you heard was someone else landing on the Saint bandwagon.

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