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The Pen of Pens

September 26, 2006

Okay, have kept a journal for fifteen years or so, not everyday, but darn close. Words, sketches and photos, of course, just a place to put down my thoughts.
I’m pen picky, so finding one I dig is critical for my inner child. Otherwise, shame spiral.
So, recently, thanks to someone bringing these things to my attention, I found a pen I like. Nothing fancy, not fountain, not chrome plated with spinners. Nope, just a simple pen. The Inoxcrom Short Gel.
Problem is, once the first one ran dry, and it did rather quickly, which for some reason is fine with me, I couldn’t find another pen.
So, I track the company, find an email address and bingo, send one off. Now I’m jaded, about life, about humanity, and fifteen years of documentary work has done nothing to improve my jade level. So, I send this email thinking, “see you later friend.”
Then, something incredible happened…..they wrote back.
Not only did they write back, they said they are sending me a pen.
I’m stunned. Again. Humanity is not dead. Well, at least Inoxcrom is not dead.
Long live the pen.

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